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Hotwife Defined:

A modern hotwife is a married female swinger; a wife who has sex with men other than her husband. So, what are the traits of the modern hotwife. She is above all else attractive. The modern hotwife is fit to the point she is above the average body type of a typical female in the world.

She is not a wild wife,  a wild wife is sassy, and often has many tattoos, various colored hair and wears freaky yet spicy looking clothes. But, she is not a hotwife when it comes to the cuckold and hotwife phenomena. A wild wife is more playful and more of a natural party animal. A hotwife is a married woman would usually be totally off limits, already taken, and not easy to hook up with. The fact that a modern hotwife is available makes her that much more desired and appreciated.

The modern hotwife is classy and confident. She knows what she wants and plans on getting such. She most likely is not getting enough sex at home. So she’s out to mingle and meet men whom can satisfy her wanton needs. The public perception basically has no idea she’s promiscuous. She dresses stylish as not to overdo her look. At times a modern hotwife wears an ankle bracelet to feel and look sexy. She also may a  tattoo or two. When going out on dates she goes more all out. It’s her rare chance to turn up the heat and wear much sexier clothes then she’s probably used too.

A hotwife is a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband’s full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be monogamous with his wife. Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife’s extramarital pleasures. The husband is not necessarily submissive. Some husbands like to join, or watch, or clean up afterward. The husband either way, is turned on by his wife’s adultery, whether this happens as part of threesome where she first has sex with her lover and then her husband, or both with her at once, or with him just watching or hearing the results later when she returns home from a date. Most situations vary as to the couples involved. The hotwife in the long run always ends up determining the encounters and regularity of such meetings.

The wife’s sexual pleasure should not be confused with overly romantic feelings with her sex lovers. She is only in love with her husband. A hotwife is very careful in this regard. There is s concern that her fuck buddies never are part of the couple’s regular social, professional or family circles. The hotwife lifestyle needs to be separate from normal life activities. The world is not ready for the local church wife who beds handsome well-hung studs to become local news. A hotwife has an open mind when it comes to marriage. She loves the fact that no secrets are held within the mated union.

Hot wives most often always wear their wedding ring and bands. They feel great freedom in being able to meet men for possible sexual gratification. There is no cheating in their marriage and this is a wonderful thing. She takes her sexual openness to great heights. She works out more, eats better, and wears sexier clothing. She feels younger and is out to stay in heat for years to come. This in turn gives her a great lease on life. When you see an older woman looking ever so much like a sexy cougar, she probably is involved secretly in some sort of hotwife lifestyle. She feels empowered and has a great outlook on living and being married to man who allows such liberty. She is a  hotwife!

Nicely stated.

blackourwhitewomen: Perfect Definition And Exactly What I Am Looking For!

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