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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey thanks for answering, about Reparations. So you honestly believe that all white girls should go sleep with black men, to make amends then? Do you think other white guys think like this, & white girls too? I'm really conflicted by this stuff. In some ways I think it is sick, twisted, but then, lately some part of me seems to be getting kind of into all this interracial stuff, it's so embarrassing. I have a girlfriend, 19yo, you feel I should get her to do this too then? IF I tried, how do I?
blackourwhitewomen blackourwhitewomen Said:

I do feel like it is the thing to do. It won’t happen overnight. The first thing to do is for you to begin an immediate cut back on getting any pussy and try to refrain from doing it. This is an important part of it. Try doing that first and then let me know how you are doing or how long it has been for you.

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